More modesty please, ladies

The storm in a maternity bra cup triggered by TV’s avuncular David Koch and his comments on breast feeding in public revived an old habit of ticking off mothers who get out and about. It was the classic finger wagging tone and cry for more modesty that got me.

Are we living in the 1950s? Surely if you find the sight of a woman feeding her baby offensive then you just look away? The idea that such natural behaviour should be mainly restricted to the private sphere or involve less flesh on view sounds like it came out of Saudi Arabia.

I don’t like looking at men’s beer guts or bum cracks but I have to cope. And it’s not too difficult. In a liberal, pluralistic and supposedly tolerant society there’s no need for moralising about a completely inoffensive practice, nor outrage when women voice their objections.

It’s all a reminder of why more women are needed in the media with real clout and not as handbags or sidekicks. There’s so much rhetoric around about being too politically correct and yet I reckon we’ve gone the other way when it comes to gender discussions. Let’s not go backwards and allow this kind of moralising and prejudice to become acceptable again. 

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