Gillard blues

No matter what you think about the performance of our Prime Minister there is one factor that has become abundantly clear: she can’t win a trick.

Of course, she deserves some of the criticism she has attracted. But the extraordinary bitterness of the personal attacks on her have been deeply depressing. Even some of her critics in the media have recently pointed out the unfair level of bile that seems to be spewing out.

Now there’s even been an outcry over the behaviour of a parody of Julia in the comedy series “At home with Julia”. 

It’s hard to avoid concluding that many Australians are still deeply uneasy about women who are in positions of power instead of being either decorative or homemakers. Australia is seriously out of step with most other developed countries on this which tells us the problem is also cultural . 

Little wonder there are so few women who step up to these positions in politics or business.  Who’d want to put in all the effort to finally get to the top only to be savaged because of the tone of your voice, the clothes you wear or the fact you aren’t married? Fair’s not fair when it comes to women in power.

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