The trap of over-optimism

The recent news that Roe v Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court, effectively banning access to abortion for millions, has sent a chilling message about the fragility of women’s basic rights. Despite the talk about gender equity in all kinds of spheres, the decision has been a potent reminder that progress is fragmented […]

Lazy D&I will not deliver fairness for women

  Lazy D&I: Don’t rabbit on about valuing women; run a gender pay gap audit and fix the deficit – plus handy other hints to go beyond the easy diversity checklist By Catherine Fox – Gender and Work Commentator Tags: IWD International women’s day Businesses are using diversity and inclusion policies as fig leaves to deflect […]

It’s not a gender pay gap, it’s a yawning chasm

It’s not a gender pay gap, it’s a yawning chasm by Catherine Fox | Oct 19, 2021 | Featured, Op-eds, VIP | A recent study has illuminated the gap in pay, perception, and understanding between men and women in the workplace.     They may work in the same sector, but men and women in […]

The business case for diversity has been made: time to ask a different question

When was the last time you heard that workplace conditions for women will only be addressed if there is a clear ‘business case’ for diversity? Just last year I heard the CEO of a male-dominated business at a conference explain with great seriousness that the most important question to answer about women’s participation in his […]

The business of sexism: ‘Power Play’ by Julia Banks

Everyday sexism was on show for an international audience when Australian Olympic Committee head John Coates recently gave Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk a verbal  rap over the knuckles at a media conference in Tokyo (an exchange he claims was misinterpreted). Many women felt a sickening thud of recognition at the scenario which is all too […]

Resurrecting the 7 myths

  I’m often asked to speak to audiences about the latest on women and work, and over the last year or so I’ve seen an interesting return to some well worn furphies. Some of the issues I focused on years ago have come back into the zeitgeist with a vengeance: merit, quotas, the existence of […]

The Holgate effect

Like many, I was moved and inspired by watching Christine Holgate’s recent evidence to a Senate Inquiry. Having interviewed her once or twice over the years I was well aware of Holgate’s highly effective leadership and outstanding track record at Blackmores. Her decision to speak out was probably the result of many factors, seething anger […]

While victim blaming gets noisier where’s the support from powerful men?

Here we are again. After weeks of pent up anger fueled by outrage, when women have not just been speaking up but hitting the streets in their thousands over sexual harassment, a familiar scapegoat has reappeared. The last few days has seen a lurch to an age-old formula. Instead of maintaining the focus on the […]

Women do not need more confidence: they need to be heard

At the end of 2019 a wave of depressing data showed progress in gender equity has stalled. I recently asked women from workplaces around Australia what would help them tackle sexism and bias: the answer wasn’t more confidence. The number of women CEOs of ASX200 companies dropped this year, and the latest scorecard from the Workplace […]