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It's not a gender pay gap, it's a yawning chasm

It’s not a gender pay gap, it’s a yawning chasm by Catherine Fox | Oct 19, 2021 | Featured, Op-eds, VIP | A recent study has illuminated the gap in pay, perception, and understanding between men and women in the workplace.     They may work in the same sector, but men and women in...

The business case for diversity has been made: time to ask a different question

When was the last time you heard that workplace conditions for women will only be addressed if there is a clear ‘business case’ for diversity? Just last year I heard the CEO of a male-dominated business at a conference explain with great seriousness that the most important question to answer about women’s participation in his...

The business of sexism: 'Power Play' by Julia Banks

Everyday sexism was on show for an international audience when Australian Olympic Committee head John Coates recently gave Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk a verbal  rap over the knuckles at a media conference in Tokyo (an exchange he claims was misinterpreted). Many women felt a sickening thud of recognition at the scenario which is all too...

Resurrecting the 7 myths

  I’m often asked to speak to audiences about the latest on women and work, and over the last year or so I’ve seen an interesting return to some well worn furphies. Some of the issues I focused on years ago have come back into the zeitgeist with a vengeance: merit, quotas, the existence of...

With three decades as a journalist and advocate, Catherine is one of Australia’s leading experts on leadership, the future of workplaces and the status of women.

Her career has included interviewing management gurus, Nobel Prize winners and international CEOs. She has written five books, won a Walkley Award, presented at conferences and appeared in the media around Australia and internationally.

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Christine Holgate interview for WiBF

  This was a terrific discussion for Women in Banking and Finance. It’s clear that Christine Holgate has enormous courage but her experience, and the very public pressure, also made her quite ill, as she explains. Throughout her career Holgate has delivered time and again but agrees that telling women all they have to do...

2021 WiBF Awards: in conversation with Christine Holgate

2021 WiBF Awards Program, presented by Commonwealth Bank 02nd December 202112:30PM – 1:30PM Style of Event: Webinar WiBF Member: AUD $0.00.00Website Subscriber: AUD $50.00 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT(Use CODE: BRANDYOU) Overview Women in Banking and Finance is delighted to announce the recipients of our WiBF 2021 Awards Program, presented by Commonwealth Bank, celebrating the talented women leading by example...

North Sydney Conversations panel: Breaking barriers for women

Breaking Barriers for Women in the Workplace

Asian Leadership Project: in conversation with Yeesom Lo, Network Ten

It was a great to talk about diversity and cultural stereotypes recently with the talented Yeesum Lo for the Asian Leadership Project (founded by the remarkable Julie Chai and this...

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